Legends Love PlaneSWING

DARREN CLARKE WITH HIS PLANESWING SPORTING LEGENDS ON PLANE with PlaneSWING Open Championship Major Winner & Ryder Cup Legend Darren Clarke Darren kindly posted this picture on Twitter with him alongside HIS PlaneSWING at Royal Portrush. He believes PlaneSWING to be “…the best training aid ever!” The swing plane is the holy grail of golf […]

Understanding Why the PowerSLIDER out-performs a roller

You Need To Know This: The PowerSLIDER engages the core and bigger muscles that need to be used in the The PowerSLIDER helps create “LAG” on the transition and a far more dynamic position at impact The PowerSLIDER has a solid aluminium shaft and will not bend, unlike a roller The PowerSLIDER has a solid […]

A Ferrari Won’t Make You a Better Driver!

Are New Clubs the Answer? Here are FIVE Steps to a Better Game and Fitter You. In the same way that buying a Ferrari won’t make you a better driver of a car, buying a new driver is unlikely to make you a better driver of the golf ball. Putting a flawed swing on new […]

Governing Bodies and Teaching Pros Growing the Game of Golf

People can bleat all they like about certain governing bodies and so-called Foundations not doing enough at grass roots and maybe that’s true. Maybe they do lean on the PGA Pro too much and expect them to give their time for free whilst they sit in their 501c3 not for profit ivory towers, taking their […]

Golf Expensive? It’s a Myth

I was first introduced to golf by a neighbor in Liverpool, England in 1972. After borrowing and renting clubs for a few months I took the plunge. My first clubs were a full set of used Ralph Moffitt’s (not a glamorous name I accept, but he was a former Ryder Cup player and winner twice […]

The 7 Deadly Sins that make Golf HELL!

“If you visit any golf website that tells you that the golf swing is a complex biomechanical movement, log off QUICK! They may have a different agenda and are simply trying to confuse you. Actually it’s a very simple movement and the human body, in the correct posture, is perfectly built to swing a golf […]

5 Minutes To A More Powerful & Accurate Swing

Is it possible to rely on your arms too much? The biggest swing killer is an “armsy” golf swing.The biggest swing killer is an “armsy” golf swing. The forearms over-rotate and the club winds up awkwardly behind you. Now you’re on the wrong swing path, and it’s an uphill battle to get back on track. […]

How to Add Yards To Your Drives

Everyone wants a few extra yards. Sometimes it just comes down to an angle adjustment. One of the biggest distance destroyers is a descending blow at impact with the driver. When it comes to big hitters like Mel Reed and Dustin Johnson all use an ascending attack angle instead. Attack Angle “Attack angle” is the […]

How To Hold A Golf Club For Improved Swing Path

We all want more powerful, straighter shots. The best place to start? Your grip. How you grip a golf club directly impacts swing path and angle. Here’s a simple guide to a bio-mechanically sound grip that will have you hinging and releasing like a pro. Path Path is vital. The correct path ensures that you […]

Transform Your Ball Striking With This Simple Drill

Mastering body and arms sequencing is critical if you want to transform your ball striking. Even for chip shots, the role the entire body plays should not be underestimated. The Shot Dictates the Swing Most of the time, people will play the most amazing shots when the only option they have is a single shot. […]

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