You Need To Know This:

  1. The PowerSLIDER engages the core and bigger muscles that need to be used in the
  2. The PowerSLIDER helps create “LAG” on the transition and a far more dynamic position at impact
  3. The PowerSLIDER has a solid aluminium shaft and will not bend, unlike a roller
  4. The PowerSLIDER has a solid hard-wearing rubber sleeve that builds light resistance with a thin film of rubber on the hoop
  5. We offer 3 PowerSLIDER options. Standard long (driver to 5 iron), long LIGHT (ladies & juniors) & short (6 – wedge)

The roller is too heavy. Because it moves too easily it fails to engage the core and encourages excessive forearm rotation.

Also because it’s too heavy, the roller gets away from you, often causing a casting from the top of the back swing and often a flipping motion at impact and often as a consequence, a static lower half of the body.

This is why PlaneSWING is a favorite with PGA Tour and European Tour Players, Golf Instructors (Inc Hall of Fame Coach Randy Smith) and amateur golfers of ALL levels.

Picture shows PGA Professional Richard Hudson achieving “LAG” through impact.

Plane Swing

Do you own a different hoop? Then you need a PowerSLIDER. Email We’ll also part-exchange against your old roller and arrange the postage!

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