Are New Clubs the Answer? Here are FIVE Steps to a Better Game and Fitter You.

In the same way that buying a Ferrari won’t make you a better driver of a car, buying a new driver is unlikely to make you a better driver of the golf ball.

Putting a flawed swing on new clubs is a waste of money in the same way that getting fitted to a new set of clubs with a flawed swing is likely to be a waste of money, even if you have no desire to take lessons.

If you’re genuinely interested in improving your game, becoming more consistent, shooting lower scores and protecting yourself physically in order to stay fitter and play the game for longer, then this is what you need to do.

Step 1: Find a golf instructor. I suggest you do this on recommendation and try to make sure they have a PlaneSWING.

Step 2: I’d book a course of 3 lessons. No more and no less. Give the Pro a chance as in my view you can only really evaluate your progress after a minimum of three lessons.

Don’t assume that if you don’t see the progress you’d like that he/she is a bad teacher. They just may not be the one for you. However I can guarantee that you’ll see more rapid results where a Pro uses a PlaneSWING with the PowerSLIDER.

Step 3: Have your existing clubs reviewed by a club fitter, who may also be your coach. Are the shafts suitable for your standard of play and club head speed? Get the lie and loft checked (clubs shift over time, hence why the Tour players have their clubs checked at almost every tournament) and pay attention to the grips. Are they worn, too thin or too thick. This is really important. Just having a set re-gripped can be like getting a new set of clubs. Chances are they’ll need a little work but this will be markedly less than investing in a new “name” set. That can come later. And don’t forget your glove and shoes. Grip up top and below is important!

Step 4: Your chosen instructor should discuss with your golfing goals and you should be realistic about the amount of time you can give to practice. Only then can you set realistic timelines for improvement across the various parts of the game and your golfing fitness. Goal setting is absolutely essential.

Step 5: Evaluation. This should be two-way street with 360 degree feedback on your progress and the performance of you AND your instructor. It requires transparency. Don’t kid on that you’ve been practicing if you haven’t. No one benefits! From here you can move forward.
Now I can absolutely assure you that if you have a PlaneSWING throughout this time you’ll see a level of improvement that will shock the Pro and delight you. I know; I’ve heard it and seen it all before. Check out our online reviews and testimonials.
Golf’s the greatest game in the world especially when you’re playing well. But it’s the most frustrating game in the world when your game stinks.

So understanding through feel the simple bio-mechanical movement will fast-track you to a powerful and repeatable swing whatever your level of proficiency and from there it’s rapid and sustained improvement.

So finally here’s a fact.

If a golfer has clubs fitted to a flawed swing (e.g. the lies fitted more upright to counteract a slice) then lessons are pointless as a good coach will then be teaching the golfer to swing in such a way that the compensatory fit of the new clubs becomes redundant and everyone’s time is being wasted. Make sense?

You need to be as close to “plane” as possible. That does not mean swinging like Adam Scott, Justin Rose or Dustin Johnson, a PlaneSWING owner by the way. It means having an efficient motion with the body and club moving in such a way that the movement is consistent and delivers an accelerating and as square a club face as possible to the ball for maximum power.

No Plane, No Gain!

Follow these steps and I know you’ll see a benefit.

Now go play some golf!

Tony Clark,
Owner/Instructor, PlaneSWING Golf

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