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The most effective way to build a powerful and repeatable swing – GUARANTEED

  1. Build a powerful & repeatable motion on Plane in minutes
  2. Instantly gain extra distance with every club
  3. You’ll be Straighter & Longer
  4. Enjoy The Consistency You’ve Dreamed Of – Guaranteed!
  5. Free Instructional video download in 15 easy-to-understand sections
  6. The Very Best Customer Support.



Perfect, whether a Beginner or Major Winner!

Contains the Long Standard PowerSLIDER™ (simulates driver to 6 iron)

Your best start to a great golf game. The long standard weighted PowerSLIDER simulates driver to 6 iron. In minutes you’ll experience what it’s like to swing on plane, with width and the additional power that the PowerSLIDER creates.


PlaneSWING simply, quickly and dramatically improves a golfers understanding of the golf swing delivering rapid and long lasting improvement.

PlaneSWING is a kinesthetic teaching, training & golf fitness system that when set to a golfer’s ideal swing plane allows the golfer to build a powerful and repeatable motion whilst training and conditioning specifically the muscles used in the golf swing.

The PlaneSWING concept is used and endorsed by some of the World’s leading golf teachers and is now available to every golfer. Plus we have made significant improvements on other swing hoops and comprises of 7 key elements:

  1. Comprehensive Instructional Video Download.
  2. A multi-adjustable hoop with a telescopic strut for angle setting
  3. The PlaneGUIDE. This elasticated cord is used for determining a golfer’s ideal swing plane
  4. A weighted long PowerSLIDER, 112 cm & 1.3kg (simulates driver to 5 iron) which stretches and trains specifically the muscles used in the golf swing creating the powerful and repeatable motion that golfers seek.
  5. The PlaneCHECKER. This fits into the end of the club (handle) and acts as a simple reference point, indicating whether or not the golfer is on plane at the top of the back swing and follow-through
  6. The Stance Alignment Mat has straight lines to aid a consistently square set-up
  7. Numbered self-adhesive decals. These are numbered 1 thru 12 and when placed on the upper hoop in a clock formation facing in towards the golfer, they provide the perfect aid to gradual swing development.

PlaneSWING is constructed of robust powder-coated steel and is weather resistant.

We also include an easy to understand fully illustrated assembly booklet with a How to Use section plus we offer on-going customer assistance via email and phone.


Assembly is a once-only job and takes approximately 45 minutes. Once assembled, the PlaneSWING can easily fold in half and rolls away (on wheels) in seconds for easy storage.

Important when using PlaneSWING

  • Never use a golf club on PlaneSWING. Only the PowerSLIDER
  • Do not attempt to hit balls when using PlaneSWING
  • Always build the swing using the shoulders and arms and keep the motion smooth and passive. This ensures gentle and effective stretching and conditioning of the golfing muscles
  • Carefully follow the health & safety instructions and guide on how to use PlaneSWING

Box Dimensions & Weight:

  • Length: 1651mm (65in) x width: 533mm (21in) x depth: 203mm (8in)
  • Weight: 34kg (75lbs)

Space Required When In Use Inside (allowing for extension of PowerSLIDER):

  • Height: 7ft 6in (2286mm)
  • Width: 11.5ft (3420mm)
  • Depth: 4ft 10in (1450mm)

20 reviews for PAR PACKAGE

  1. Keith Marriott, PGA Pro Geneva Golf Club

    Got the PlaneSwing and really happy. I have installed it in our indoor teaching room here in Geneva. Great product, Great service.

  2. Andrew M, Florida

    I’ve used and sold swing hoops before and what I like about PlaneSWING is its simplicity. The mat has straight stance alignment lines which is less confusing and the PowerSLIDER, while still heavier than a club, allowed a much more relaxed swing motion than other heavy clubs, but still worked the golfing muscles and delivered on performance.

  3. HUGO BLACK, Australia

    I’ve received my PlaneSWING and super impressed how quick it arrived. I set it up straight away have been using it for a week now. It’s amazing!

  4. Derek Swallie, Ohio, USA

    Just wanted to tell you how great your product is and how much the PlaneSWING has changed my game to the good. Unbelievable how much this has helped me. Awesome product!

  5. Lester Olsen, Australia

    My wife is playing beautiful golf thanks to PlaneSWING and recommends it to her friends.

  6. Roger Johnston, Florida, USA

    After one lesson in PlaneSWING with Tony Clark, I was 20 yards longer with my driver and a club longer with my irons. Understanding the swing plane is transformational!

  7. Stan Allen, Australia

    Just bought a new house. Main criteria was it has to have a ceiling high enough to accommodate my PlaneSWING, lol.

  8. Ricky Muddimer, UK

    I’ve achieved a single figure handicap and stayed there! PlaneSWING’s a massive help

  9. Jeff Cesanaro, North Carolina, USA

    PlaneSWING works wonders. I had a case of the shanks for years and with daily use of this trainer, it put me on plane. It gives you perfect muscle memory for how to deliver the club face square to the ball.

    Tony Clark, the inventor of this training device was kind enough to call me to analyze my swing during my training. The delivery of my plane swing was fast!!! I highly recommend PlaneSWING if you have swing faults that you are looking to fix!

  10. Colin Moody, 4 handicap, UK

    I play off 4 and have had PlaneSWING for 2 years. It helps me because I have the habit of a short swing and coming over the top and it helps me release straighter.

  11. John McCartin, PGA, Chicago

    PlaneSWING gets people excited about their golf and learning the game and it’s grown my lesson business.

  12. Chuck Scoggins, College Coach

    We’ve had great success our juniors have won over 100 tournaments… my advice to you is to get PlaneSWING into your Academy as soon as you can.

  13. Leighann Albaugh, PGA, Virginia, USA

    As both a one & two plane instructor I was reluctant to use PlaneSWING but I am absolutely impressed with how quickly kids, even seasoned players, grasp the needed changes.

    Thank YOU! I’m a very happy customer.

  14. Kevin Craggs, Coach to Colin Montgomerie, Paula Creamer and Head of Instruction at IMG Academy, Florida, USA

    I coach beginners to Major winners and don’t hesitate to use PlaneSWING with every student. I believe there’s no better training aid.

  15. Mark Hensby PGA Tour & European Tour Winner

    PlaneSWING is by far the best training aid on the market….I use it every day.

  16. Darren Clarke, Open Champion 2011 and Ryder Cup legend

    Still the BEST training aid ever!

  17. Alex Wright, UK

    I decided to take the plunge and buy a PlaneSWING. I wish I’d done it years ago. More fairways and greens in regulation and better ball striking…and my first hole in one! Woohoo!

  18. John Browne, Ireland

    I’ve only had it for 3 days and played a quick 9 holes this evening with some of the straightest and longest drives I have ever hit! I have always played fighting a weak fade and sometimes slice, since using PlaneSWING my irons are arrow straight and I can see the ball trying to draw which feels fantastic.

    Another huge benefit for me; having suffered with a sore lower back having had a disc removed 10 years ago, I’m loose and pain free.

  19. Coach Jeff Carine, Florida, USA

    The results I’m getting with PlaneSWING are astonishing. This should change the entire way the game (golf) is taught

  20. Kevin Coan, Missouri, USA

    After a month of using PlaneSWING I’ve seen unimaginable results. This is the best investment I’ve ever made in golf.

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